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North Georgia Event Creations Inc. strives to make your party less stressful for you, your family and friends and more about relaxing while we knock your event out of the park. That’s why we offer delivery, set up, breakdown, tent assembly services, and staff services straight to your doorstep. Let us assist you with your design and coordination to put professional experience to work. We are fully engaged with our clients from beginning to end.





document icon Ext. Terms & Conditions:

***Once a person(s), business or organization has agreed to place a deposit, or any payment considered a reservation by NGECinc, on an invoice/estimate you have agreed to all the  terms, conditions and parameters laid out within this page and defining text below.***

* All items that are rented (excluding purchased items) are available to you (the client) for three(3) of OUR business days.
Ex: Normal Protocol- Pick up or have your order delivered on
Friday. Return or have your items picked up on Monday.

*This makes you have the time needed to fully prepare for what the event may entitle.

*Returning your items late or not having them readily available will result in an extra 3 Day Rental charge

*Leaving tables, chairs, linens, machinery, equipment or any item besides our tents and other products we install in THE RAIN or any INCLEMENT WEATHER can result in a 100-300$ additional charge for drying and lubricating.


*All deliveries must exceed $100 dollars of product before qualifying for the delivery service.

*Returning your items late or not having them readily available will result in an extra 3 Day Rental charge

*The delivery price is charged based on the distance of the delivery.Call or message us today to find out the cost to deliver to your location today.Most of our surrounding cities fall into a Flat Rate Delivery Charge.

*Set-up/Break down of Items: we will assemble certain items from our inventory upon the delivery date at an additional charge of:
Chairs- $1.00 each
Any Size/Shaped Table- $2.00 each

*Tents, Side Walls,  Pipe and Drape, Cocktail Tables and Patio/Tent Heaters are set up at no additional charge.

* If we DO NOT set-up your event, we ask that the client collapse each item to its original, delivered position before our arrival. For time spent retrieving items from alternate locations other than where they were delivered to may result in additional charges.

*All order forms and TERMS & AGREEMENT forms must be signed before items are delivered for insurance and liability precautions. If signing is not a possibility, the Deposit made on such order is a binding agreement to these Terms & Agreement.

Deposits & Reservations:

*For a Quote to become a Reserved Order, all clients must place a Deposit of 50% down of their entire Sale Order. Until this procedure is completed your items and date remain a quote and will not be held on the Reserved Order list.

*Once you have completed the Deposit, and have established a Reserved Order; you may alter the Quantity of your items you have on order up until two(2) weeks prior to your Delivery/P.U. date. After you reach the two(2) week mark of your rental date, any items,quantities or services changed or cancelled will face a restocking fee (90%) of your payments received.

*Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your order 15 days or more away from the DATE OF DELIVERY/P.U. you will receive 90% of your amount you have already paid toward that particular order refunded.
-If you cancel your order or any product within 2 weeks(14 days) of your Delivery, P.U. Date, you forfeit your delivery, items, deposit and any other payment made toward your order. There are no refunds, re consolidations, credits, or exchanges available after cancelling your order.

Hold Harmless Agreement:
Customer agrees to assume all risks and hold NORTH GEORGIA EVENT CREATIONS INC & AFFILIATED PARTNERS harmless for any and all property damage and personal injuries arising out of the use of the items rented or purchased from NORTH GEORGIA EVENT CREATIONS . Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless NORTH GEORGIA EVENT CREATION from any claims of third parties for loss, injury and damage to their persons or property arising out of Customer’s possession, use, transportation, return of equipment, including legal costs incurred in defense against such claims.

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